Course “Clippings”
June and Annual, 2020 

2020 Stockholders

                2019 was an eventful year for the course. We were able to accomplish many projects that had a significant impact on the course.

  • Wet area behind and right of 15 green, we located, repaired a drain line and installed a catch basin to divert the spring into the river.
  • Had a complete soil analysis done on the greens and adjusted the fertilizers and timing of the applications to meet the need of the greens.
  • Root pruned around our greens that had a sever tree root infestation.
  • Leveled and regrassed 14 Tee
  • Repaired greens 2,3,4,7, 11, 14, 15 and nursery green with greens grade sod.
  • Installed a drain across 15 fairway to handle run off from the hill

We also stepped up our cultural practices throughout the course by increasing aerification to the greens, aerifiying the fairways and tees, verticutting and applying a light topdressing to the greens weekly. We also started hand watering the “hot spots” on the greens. We are utilizing pre-emergent herbicides that have a different mode of action to combat resistance that many weeds have developed.
GCC is definitely the “hidden gem” in our area. Continued improvement in the playing conditions of the course and long term capital improvements will keep us as that Gem.  Our grounds crew did a great job last year by stepping up their performance, taking more pride in the course and adjusting to a new superintendent.
May was a roller coaster of temperatures, we had some cooler than expected temperatures at the beginning of the month. This did slow down the growth of not just the greens but the entire course, however once the temperatures evened out with lows in the mid 60’s the response has been great.

 We have repaired on 2, 7 and 11 greens. These areas are healing and adapting to our greens very well. We should be able to have these areas in play by the end of the month. The Tee box on hole three has been leveled and sodded. We also repaired the tournament tee for 16. We had a lot of members give positive commits on reusing the sod that we removed from #3 tee, whenever possible we try to repurpose removed sod to help in areas that are worn out from cart traffic.
Cart path signs:  From time to time I will restrict carts to paths on fairways that are either to wet or show excessive wear. Weak fairways like number 6 I am letting it get as dense a stand possible. 6 fairway has improved greatly over the past year.
I have had several members ask about using river water to irrigate with. Using river water I have to put in a request in several days in advance for the date and amount I want to irrigate with to the Brazos River Authority. Depending on water needs down river they may or may not approve. The Watermaster has been helpful to us recently when one of our pumps for the reclaimed water went down. We were able to use the river water to help with irrigation until the pump was repaired.  Our contract with the city gives us a water budget of 1.5 million gallons a month. During normal weather pattern that is within usage needs of our greens, tees and fairways. Last year we did exceed that amount during July and August however we planned and budgeted for the higher usage.

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club